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The Free Spirits Four Cubed

Selected by Free Spirits
Challenge runs from 01 January 2017 to 31 January 2017

Row 4 times 4 minutes with 4 minutes rest between reps
Use the same damper setting for all reps.
Record your distance for the sixteen minutes of rowing.
Don't include any resting metres.
The first 4 minutes must be a standing start. All others can be standing or rolling starts.

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13/09/2016 @ 14:25
Please edit profile and add your height as this will soon be a filter.
05/09/2016 @ 08:55
Profile photos should ideally be square and sized to 400 x 400 pixels before uploading.
03/09/2016 @ 21:56
Please upload screenshots (and comments) to verify your score wherever possible.
03/09/2016 @ 21:46
Profile pictures can now be uploaded. Please edit DOB and email address on your profile. Thanks.

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Current Leaderboard

#NameTeamCatResultPacePower% Max
1Sion Evans FMFitness MattersM51421:33.3430.3100%
2Tobias Stoehr FMFitness MattersM49661:36.7387.690.1%
3Sam Blythe FMFitness MattersM49651:36.7387.390%
4Justin Farina FMFitness MattersM49591:36.8385.989.7%
5Tim GarrattFitness MattersM49091:37.8374.487%
6Dean HarrisFitness MattersM48491:38.9360.883.9%
7Matthew KnowlesFitness MattersM48221:39.5354.882.5%
8Andrew PristonFitness MattersM48161:39.7353.582.2%
9Luke MeldonFitness MattersM47371:41.3336.478.2%
10Gary Curtis FMFitness MattersM46711:42.8322.575%
11Kevin James FMFitness MattersM45971:44.4307.471.5%
12Jarrett Moore FMFitness MattersM45501:45.5298.169.3%
13Alan Le Sueur FMFitness MattersMa43931:49.3268.362.4%
14Dan BrookesFitness MattersM43661:49.9263.461.2%
15Sarah Rogerson FMFitness Mattersf42301:53.5239.555.7%
16Scott WatierFitness MattersM42211:53.723855.3%
17Stephen Perkins FMFitness MattersM42191:53.8237.755.2%
18Lukasz SzymczykFitness MattersM40551:58.421149%
19Matt MorenFitness MattersM39922:00.2201.346.8%
20Catherine Walsh FMFitness MattersF11756:

1. Fitness Matters 1

Sion Evans FM (M)
Tobias Stoehr FM (M)
Sam Blythe FM (M)
Sarah Rogerson FM (f)

2. Fitness Matters 2

Justin Farina FM (M)
Tim Garratt (M)
Dean Harris (M)
Catherine Walsh FM (F)

3. Fitness Matters 3

Matthew Knowles (M)
Andrew Priston (M)
Luke Meldon (M)

4. Fitness Matters 4

Gary Curtis FM (M)
Kevin James FM (M)
Jarrett Moore FM (M)

5. Fitness Matters 5

Alan Le Sueur FM (Ma)
Dan Brookes (M)
Scott Watier (M)

6. Fitness Matters 6

Stephen Perkins FM (M)
Lukasz Szymczyk (M)
Matt Moren (M)